(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions:
How do I get tickets? Tickets, when available, are ONLY available in advance in person or online at  NO Ticket = NO Entry. Capacity is 100 vehicles.
Where is the drive-in located? On the Movie Mill parking lot. Enter via the South West entrance along the side of the building by the park. Parking area will be clearly marked.
How much are tickets? Prices are per vehicle and are in line with other drive ins (dictated by film companies). $40 per vehicle (same household) – this will include one Party Pack of Movie Mill popcorn ($15 value) – which is the equivalent of 3 large popcorns.
How do I hear the  movie? Through FM radio signal direct to your vehicle, or portable radio (smartphone radio apps do not pick up over the air signals).
What time does the movie start? Shortly after sundown (currently 9:30-10pm) Gate opens 1 hour prior.
What happens if the weather is bad? Wind is no problem; however, moisture (rain/snow) will cancel/postpone the show (refunds/or rain checks issued at our discretion).
Are there bathrooms available? Yes – inside the Movie Mill. Social distancing in effect.
What about snacks? You can order from our online store ( ) and we will bring directly to your vehicle anything from the Movie Mill or Soda Mill menu!
Can I back into stalls and watch with my hatch open? Due to current restrictions this is not permitted.
Can guests get out of their vehicles? No. Due to current restrictions you may not leave your vehicle for any reason other than to use the washroom. Only one person at a time from a vehicle unless you are accompanying a minor.
Can I come in a convertible vehicle, RV/camper/trailer, or vehicle without a roof or doors? No. Please be aware no convertibles, motorcycles, two wheeled units, RV’s, trailers, or campers allowed. Any lifted/oversized vehicles will be parked at the back of the lot.
Does my ticket get me a specific stall # or is it first come first serve? Parking spots are first come, first serve.
What time should we arrive, so we get a good spot? Gates open one hour prior to show time. Parking staff are on site to assist in parking every vehicle according to size and staggered to give every spot a good viewing position! If you wish to park near a friend, plan to both arrive at the same time.


• NO TICKET NO ENTRY – please retain your ticket, it must be produced upon request.
• As per current restrictions all members in your vehicle must be from the same household. Single individuals are allowed 2 close contacts.
• As per current restrictions you may not sit in the bed of your truck, nor open your hatch for viewing. Open convertibles, RV’s, vehicles without roofs or doors, oversize vehicles, or motorcycles are not permitted.
• As per current restrictions you may not leave your vehicle other than to use the washroom. Only one person at a time from a vehicle unless you are accompanying a minor.
• You may roll down your windows, but PLEASE do not discard anything from your vehicle. No hanging outside of windows or sunroofs.
• Headlights and brake lights must be off during the show. Cars with daytime running lights usually can be turned off by applying the emergency brake. If they cannot be turned off, please bring blankets, cardboard, garbage bags and/or painters’ tape to cover the lights.
• If your battery dies during the show, please wait until the show is over to boost.
• All vehicles must park in the area assigned (6’ apart). At this time, you may not sit in lawn chairs outside of your vehicle.
• In fairness to all attendees, larger vehicles will be parked at the back and on the sides of aisles to ensure best sightlines for everyone.
• Be considerate of those around you. Do not raise your voices to disturb others. Volume and bass will be restricted if it is disturbing others.
• For the safety and comfort of guests, smoking, alcohol, and drugs are prohibited.
• No propane heaters, fireworks, drones, or laser pointers.
• Please take all garbage with you when you leave.
• Sorry – currently no pets allowed. (if your pet needs to relieve themselves, you are not allowed out of your vehicle.  If they were to make noise (bark) you would be asked to leave).  
• We assume NO RESPONSIBILITY for injury, loss, or damage of any kind.
• Please do not attend if you are symptomatic or have been in contact with anyone who has been infected with COVID 19.
• We reserve the right to modify any rule at any time, with or without notice.