Hollywood Babes is a program we have for new parents with infants. We understand that with a new baby, it can be almost impossible to make it out in public to the movies, let alone have them sit quietly! Hollywood Babes is a great opportunity for new parents to bring their baby along to the movies without the stigma of being disruptive during the movie (of course we always appreciate respectful and understanding parents that might need to walk the hallway).For Hollywood Babes, we turn the theatre lights up a little and the volume down a little, to help you and your baby enjoy the movie. As we trust there will be other new parents with their babies in your screening, you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable if your baby makes a little noise at times!


How it works:

  • Hollywood Babes occurs every Wednesday at a selected first matinee.
  • A movie is selected a week in advance, and will be announced on our webpage.
  • Movies chosen are not necessarily child-friendly. This is an opportunity for you as an adult to get out and enjoy the company of others and enjoy a movie. We will endeavor to keep film ratings to G and PG where possible.
  • For that showing, lights will be turned up a bit, and the volume will be adjusted down, and customer patience for small children will be cranked up high!

See you (and your baby) at the movies!