Let us help you get your message in front of thousands of prime potential customers each week.  We can design a package to fit most budgets.  Imagine your message displayed on seven BIG screens at the Movie Mill before every movie, every day. Your own indoor digital billboard!  Contact us to discuss how you can get your message in front of thousands of active customers each week.  Very affordable and effective.  Weekly and monthly rates.  Choose from:


Pre Show Static Ads in the Theatre (currently we do have static space available)

Pre Show Video Ads in the Theatre (currently our video ads are SOLD OUT)


Contact us for details regarding opportunity for this prime advertising space.  We will be happy to assist you in the optimum design of your ad in order to look the best it possibly can – including proper dimensions, file format, etc.



  • Your message is seen by thousands of unique visitors each week (over 5,000 views weekly).
  • Cinema advertising has the highest recall, as high as 70% the next day!
  • 82% of movie-goers are ages 18-49.
  • Cost is just pennies per impression for your very own indoor digital “billboard”
  • The captive audience cannot turn the page or change the channel!